From evaluation to growth

KickUp brings together the data you’re already collecting to build a clear view of educator progress.

... so that you can:


Identify instructional supports that drive student achievement

Upload artifacts, collect professional learning data, and capture student learning outcomes to understand the relationship between instructional support and student growth

Empower principals to build capacity

Triangulate data in real-time to identify trends, build personalized PD, and capture campus progress on School Improvement Plans (SIPs)

Coordinate teams with easy, visualized progress tracking

Track progress towards evaluation milestones, compare data to calibrate observers, and easily share reports to remove silos between HR and C&I

Increase efficiency with smarter, intuitive workflows

Features matter: “smart” rostering, autosaving forms, and simple-but-granular step assignment save time and headache for educators and administrators

Get instant context for data-informed evaluations

Connect data across different parts of an evaluation cycle and refer back to a teacher's goals or activities with flexible insights right inside your evaluation form

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Features matter.

The performance evaluation process looks different than it did 10 years ago, but most systems still focus on digitizing forms and compliance reports. KickUp prioritizes flexibility and data that’s usable, so that you can focus on the work that matters: growing educators.

Flexible Setup

Create evaluation steps specific to roles or campus, then use rosters to manage access

Personalized Goals

Allow educators to self-identify professional growth goals & SLOs within a district framework

Aggregated Data

Triangulate, filter, and sort data to get a 360-degree view of progress and needed support

KickUp Support

Partner with your individual Client Success Manager to set up your forms and lead implementation

"Using a KickUp-driven process, we’ve built a culture of trust in evaluation that's not finger-wagging but formative."

— Dr. Ryan Neal, Assistant Superintendent, Camdenton R-III School District

Read how Camdenton teachers achieved a 20% growth in data-informed instruction with KickUp >>
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Free Guide: Calibrating Walkthroughs and Observations

Without accurate information, there can be no accurate feedback — and thus no feedback-based improvement. To reach that potential, it’s critical to build in data calibration to ensure that your observation data factually reflects what’s happening in the classroom. In this guide, you’ll walk through how to analyze data, spot skew, and ensure actionable feedback that improves classroom practice.

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Lubbock Independent School District

Learn how Lubbock ISD is pairing professional growth analytics, instructional coaching logs and content focus strands to close the knowing-doing gap.

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