"The thing that impressed us about KickUp is that it was a one-stop shop."

Watch Dr. Joya Holmes of Rock Hill Schools describe how KickUp transformed their professional learning activities through strategic alignment

... so that you can:


Connect feedback with follow-up supports

Collect PD feedback to empower facilitators, coaches, and PD planning teams with the data needed to drive follow-up support

Create coherence between strategic plans and personal or campus goals

Organize your event catalog around robust filters to build alignment while powering choice

Streamline attendance and feedback collection

Use self-service attendance codes and scheduled feedback reminders to automate the nitty gritty of PD management

Empower educators to drive their own learning

Track the breadth of PD activities: from self-paced courses (including a seamless Canvas integration) to in-person or virtual event collections

Triangulate observations, growth goals, and support

Upload artifacts, collect professional learning data, and capture student growth measures to understand the relationship between instructional support and student learning

Change management

Transitioning between tools is always a challenge — particularly when you're leading it for a team. KickUp Client Success Managers are with you at every step for a smooth, successful implementation. Your personal CSM functions as an extension of your operations, adding functionality partners have described as "like having an extra full-time employee."

Data design

We start by tailoring KickUp for your needs: translating goals into data, customizing reports, and building data collection tools to set you up for success.


Your CSM leads your team's onboarding, using a "train the trainers" method so you can quickly get everyone on the same page.


Monthly one-on-one meetings make sure nothing's falling through the cracks and turn initial momentum into sustained wins.

Ongoing success

From the end-of-year wrap-up to the next year's kickoff, your CSM helps you map out the next steps to must-have growth areas.

"KickUp saves us so, so much time. I don’t have to wait for data to come in from six different sources anymore: the plan, goals and progress for a single teacher or an entire school are at my fingertips."

— Hanna Schramm, Director of Professional Learning, Comal Independent School District

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After the PD: Strategies and Sample Questions for Designing Effective Feedback Loops

The workshop’s done, the catering's cleared, and your teachers and staff are headed home. How do you make sure they’ll continue to benefit from PD training? Check out the free guide and question bank for effective professional learning feedback:


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