Use KickUp to support online teaching

Everything education leaders need to manage professional growth — and take care of teachers — in the wake of COVID-19. Get started now:

How It Works

Step 1: Pick one of the available progress monitoring tools

Educator Check-Ins

Focus PD on helping educators succeed in the new normal, and chart critical followup to translate learning into practice

Post-PD Feedback

Get the high-level perspective on educator needs at a specific point in time—then use it to plan

Step 2: Collect responses on your custom form

After you provide some basic details about your district or organization, we'll set you up with a fully customized survey to distribute to your educators. Each survey is designed for flexibility and speed, giving you detailed insight without taking up educators' precious time. And once the data rolls in...

"When you start by creating clear targets and ways to figure out if you’re on the right track, you start making swift and strategic movements."

Diane Lauer
Assistant Superintendent of Priority Programs and Academic Support, St. Vrain Valley Schools

Step 3: Log on to KickUp to see your results

Log into KickUp to see your team's responses unpacked in real time. Built specifically for education teams, the system coordinates, cross-indexes and highlights trends across every layer of your program.

Need to see how well elementary teachers understand a specific tech tool? Checking on strategic plan alignment in one school or across the district? Want a bird's-eye view of STEM coaching progress over time? It's all at your fingertips.

Claim your free data dashboard

Let KickUp crunch the numbers while you focus on taking action

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What is KickUp?

We're a team of former educators passionate about professional learning as the path to teacher success. In June 2020 we translated the research-backed National Standards for Quality Online Teaching framework into a suite of tools for education leaders supporting distance instruction at the district level.

Why do I need a data dashboard?

The world seems to shift each week. You want to understand educators' lived experience to give them the right support — but with constantly moving targets, it’s critical to capture consistent, practical data. KickUp takes in data, breaks it down to illuminate actionable next steps, and creates visualizations you can share to keep your team on the same page. The result? Clearer decisions, made easily.

Is it hard to set up?

If your team has taken a Buzzfeed quiz, they can use a KickUp survey. And once you're in the system, we'll work with you every step of the way to set up your form, collect the data, and dive into the results.

How does it work?

Just fill out the intake form for your chosen tool telling us how you’d like to sort your data. We’ll reach out to schedule a 20 minute check-in to deliver your new tool, get you set up in the KickUp system, and show you a sample report. You can be up and running within 3 business days.

After your data starts rolling in, you can also schedule a free data review to walk through your results and get a public link to share your data with principals, admin, and others in your organization. Download your data at any time or keep analyzing in KickUp for 30 days.