The Teacher Incentive Allotment within HB-3 is one of Texas’s best levers for recruiting, retaining, and rewarding exceptional educators. But as district leaders know, building a local designation system requires careful planning, data design, and calibration to be successful.

Before applications are due in April, join us for a live chat and Q&A with Lubbock Independent School District on their successful TIA application and ongoing data work. Anna Jackson, Executive Director of Leadership & Professional Development, and Lane Sobehrad, Development Coordinator, will share the challenges, insights and lessons learned from their TIA journey, covering:

  • Translating qualitative T-TESS data into TIA-friendly quantitative measures
  • Calibrating observations across campuses, demographics, and observers
  • Refining processes for TEA reporting, especially between those on partial cycles versus full cycles
  • The nitty-gritty of designing a compensation model that incentivizes retention
  • Communicating between district and campus-level staff, and involving teachers in development process
  • Using teacher data to improve results — not just track them


KickUp Speaker Anna Jackson

Anna Jackson

Executive Director of Leadership & Professional Development 
Lubbock Independent School District

KickUp Speaker Lane Sobehrad

Lane Sobehrad

Development Coordinator 
Lubbock Independent School District

KickUp Speaker Carlye Norton

Carlye Norton

Director of Marketing