Toolkit for Supporting Virtual Learning

Keeping a pulse on educator needs during COVID-19

As K-12 school districts shift to distance learning, educator support systems must also adapt. KickUp and McREL International have partnered to create a free suite of resources for professional learning leaders to support coaches and teachers implementing virtual learning.

We know many of you are at different stages of implementing distance learning—so we’ve developed materials that are flexible and we’re committed to updating them as needs emerge.

Educator Check-In: Preparing for Online Learning

Laying the groundwork for virtual learning requires initial training and resources for students, teachers, and families. Use this framework to gauge your district’s support systems—or use our educator survey to collect feedback from staff about how equipped they feel for success.

Educator Check-In: Facilitating Online Instruction

If you’ve already started virtual learning, use this framework to plan or improve your district’s ongoing supports. You can also ask educators to self-reflect with this lightweight tool that asks simply, “How’s it going?” and aligns to key instructional focus areas for virtual learning.

Weekly Educator Pulses

The sudden shift to a remote work environment can make it hard to build alignment and see needs as they emerge. Use a combination of baseline questions and rotating prompts to take quick weekly temperature checks and identify developing needs.

Virtual Coaching Log

Coaching time can be a game-changer for providing support and mentorship, but establishing a new virtual rhythm requires structure. Use this simple coaching activity log to capture support as it’s happening—and use it as an administrator to keep everyone on the same page.

Virtual Learning Data Dashboard

If you’re a professional learning leader, use the KickUp platform for free through June 30th to make analyzing and taking action easy. Select one of the tools above and get a custom-to-your-district form and interactive dashboard to view and share your results.

District Story 1

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District Story 2

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District Story 3

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Coaching During COVID: Supporting & leveraging instructional coaches

In the midst of a national emergency, how can district leaders best leverage instructional coaches to support teachers both professionally and personally? Join KickUp, professional learning luminary Jim Knight, and Diane Lauer of St. Vrain Valley Schools for a live Q&A on equipping and empowering coaches in the transition to distance learning

Webinar 1

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Webinar 2

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Webinar 3

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